You are not my enemy

I sat breathless. He couldn't be preparing to say what I think he was. Could he? No. Of course not. Not him. Not the man who had made such great strides in leading me well. Not the man who opened up the book of Galatians with me just days ago to encourage my heart. This … Continue reading You are not my enemy

Sustainable Healing

I've been thinking a lot since publishing my most recent post. What is my responsibility here?After feeling "stuck" how do you move forward again?What methods was I once doing that I quit doing?Am I feeding the negativity with my own thought life? I've come to the conclusion that this healing process, recovery work, whatever you … Continue reading Sustainable Healing

To cherish

Infidelity robs you of feeling important. Nothing about your marriage feels sacred. Nothing feels special. The most intimate details of your life feel grotesquely marred . They feel like illusions, suddenly smashed to pieces, and with it, your very heart broken. I have wrestled with all of these emotions. I have tried to work through … Continue reading To cherish