His Spoken Word

After D-Day number two a group of friends from church gifted me an in-home massage. It took some time, due to an injury, but I was able to enjoy that massage yesterday. The woman who gave me the massage so happens to be a dear friend, a mentor, and one of the few people outside … Continue reading His Spoken Word


My earrings, and their connection to adultery.

Red lipstick, and big earrings. In some ways, those are trademarks of mine. They're something I've become notorious for. When I choose not to wear them, it is mentioned. It didn't always used to be that way. I was a tomboy. A quick pony tail, and slightly baggy clothes were all I was comfortable in. … Continue reading My earrings, and their connection to adultery.

One week left

One week left. That's all we have to go. We started this relatively intense infidelity recovery program 12 weeks ago. Frankly, I'm tired. It has been good. We've dug into issues such as triggers, the "why", forgiveness, old habits, old hurts, and so much more. We've joined in weekly conference calls with others, also walking … Continue reading One week left