To cherish

Infidelity robs you of feeling important. Nothing about your marriage feels sacred. Nothing feels special. The most intimate details of your life feel grotesquely marred . They feel like illusions, suddenly smashed to pieces, and with it, your very heart broken. I have wrestled with all of these emotions. I have tried to work through … Continue reading To cherish


Misshaped Circumstances

When I first read that pregnancy test, just days after my husband's full confession, my heart sank. This was bad timing. But, it was God's timing. And, I resolved to trust in Him when my circumstances felt misshaped. I've quickly come to have confidence that this baby is a very intentional gift. An act of … Continue reading Misshaped Circumstances

One week left

One week left. That's all we have to go. We started this relatively intense infidelity recovery program 12 weeks ago. Frankly, I'm tired. It has been good. We've dug into issues such as triggers, the "why", forgiveness, old habits, old hurts, and so much more. We've joined in weekly conference calls with others, also walking … Continue reading One week left