My earrings, and their connection to adultery.

Red lipstick, and big earrings. In some ways, those are trademarks of mine. They’re something I’ve become notorious for. When I choose not to wear them, it is mentioned. It didn’t always used to be that way. I was a tomboy. A quick pony tail, and slightly baggy clothes were all I was comfortable in. But, when I cut my hair into a pixie style, things started to change. I developed my own sense of style, and embraced looking feminine unlike ever before. It has become a fun part of my life, something I enjoy.

A few years ago, I discovered fair trade earrings. Earrings made by women rescued from sex trafficking, abuse, prostitution, and poverty. Their stories are all different, although there’s typically a common thread of suffering in them. I never know what the earrings will look like, it’s always a joyful surprise waiting for me in my mailbox. Usually, all of my kids gather around me when I open them. We read the story first, soaking in its heartbreak, and its victory. We pray for the woman who made them. And then, we open the package. They are always beautiful.

Last month, I sat on the couch and opened them. It didn’t take long for me to realize the truth that I held in my hand…

The woman who made my earrings was a former sex worker.

In the same part of the world where my husband once engaged in adultery, with a prostitute.

It could be her.

She wanted out. She hated feeling used, and abused. But, she was stuck. People more powerful than her controlled her, abused her. Her self esteem gone, her pain great. Her very humanity destroyed by the countless men who willingly abused her body.

She could have made my earrings.

I realize it’s unlikely. But, it did cause me to pray for her. Something I still struggle with – praying for these women.

The more I thought about it the more the emotions swirled around me.

I felt sick.
I felt compassion.
I felt conviction.
I felt joy.
I felt determined.

I hope the woman who made my earrings, and the one who once embraced my husband, both heal. I hope a ministry of Christ followers finds her, ministers to her, and I hope God heals her of her wounds.

I hope I’ll use my money wisely, supporting industries that are helping these women. I hope I’ll use my voice to pray for them. And, I hope my heart will forgive them.


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